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National News...
The National Black Nurses Association (NBNA) was organized in 1971.
Under the leadership of Dr. Lauranne Sams, former Dean and Professor of Nursing.
School of Nursing, Tuskegee University, Tuskegee, Alabama.
The continent of African superimposed on a cross of red, white and blue.
AFRICAthe origin of Black people THE CROSS.signifies health and suffering, white and blue of the United States of America
The logo was designed by a pair of graphic artists in Akron, Ohio, under the guidance of Betty Jo Davison in 1972.
They donated the artwork and the design to the organization.
It was adopted as the official mark of the National Black Nurses Association, Inc.
In Chicago, Illinois, during a board meeting by the original Board of Directors in 1973.
NBNA is a non-profit organization incorporated on September 2, 1972 in the state of Ohio.
PHILOSOPHY Provision for the enjoyment of optimal health is the birthright of every American.
Major health interest groups and governmental agencies believe this and act upon it.
Yet, Black Americans, along with other minority groups in our society, are by design or neglect excluded from the means to achieve to the health mainstream of America.
Therefore, we as Black nurses have established a national organization to investigate, define and determine what the health care needs of Blacks are and to implement change to make available to Blacks and other minorities health care commensurate with that of the larger society.
Black nurses have the understanding, knowledge, interest, concern, and experience to make a significant difference in the health care status of the Black community.
NBNA represents 150,000 African American registered nurses, licensed vocational/practical nurses, nursing students and retired nurses from the USA.
The Eastern Caribbean,and Africa. There are a total of 83 chartered chapters in 34 states.
SAVE THE DATE! We know you will just LOVE Philadelphia!
42nd NBNA Annual Institute and Conference August 6-10, 2014 Philadelphia Marriott
Downtown 1201 Market Street Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Our President: Janie Johnson, RN,MSN.
Chapter's Briefing Message
While visiting our website, we hope that you will find information that will be advantageous and intuitive.
If at anytime you are interested in visiting our group, please feel free to join us at one of our general association meetings:
See meeting schedule listed under Programs.
We are hard at work recruiting nurses and student nurses for this most prestigious profession where nurses are needed twenty four seven, around the world.
St. Petersburg Chapter of National Black Nurses Association (SPNBNA) provides mentoring,and tutoring, to student nurses; and support to new members.
In addition, we provide scholarships for nursing students in under-represented groups.
SPNBNA is committed to excellence in nursing practice and provides resources in healthcare education.
Conducts research,maintains regular healthcare service efforts,to the community, and county at large.

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Members List ...

Janie L. Johnson
Vice President-Chapter Contact:
Beverley Williamson
Recording & Corresponding Secretary:
Fannie Vaughn
Florence Jenkins
Sarah Parris-Jeffers
Student Representative:
Daphne L. Gardner-Davis
Community Educator / Membership Recruitment & Rete:
Regina Shears McCloud
Web Master:
Evelyn C. Gardner

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img s.gifSt. Petersburg Chapter of National Black Nurses Association, Inc.
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National_Black_Nurses_Association_Logo.jpgSt. Petersburg Chapter of National Black Nurses Association. 
Welcome to the St. Petersburg Chapter of National Black Nurses Association.
The chapter is a professional organization of registered nurses, licensed vocational nurses and nursing students who contribute to improving the quality of life.
St. Petersburg Chapter partners with Tampa, Miami, Clearwater/Largo Chapters, National Black Nurses Association, Inc.
NBNA supports the use of preventive health screenings and other programs to promote health and wellness.
Through our collaborative efforts, we are able to reach thousands within our community by conducting health fairs at faith-based organizations, educational institutions, storefronts, shelters, and to other underserved populations within the City of St. Petersburg and surrounding borderline.
We are committed to excellence in nursing practice and provide a resource in healthcare education, conduct research, and maintain regular healthcare services that are much needed by our community at large.
St. Petersburg Chapter of National Black Nurses Association provides mentoring, tutoring and support to students nurses, and new members. In addition, we provide nursing scholarships for nursing students in under represented groups.
Recognition of Nurses
Each day nurses care for patients and communities, making a positive difference in the lives of many.
These compassionate and competent nurses are a credit to the field of health care and their efforts deserve recognition. SPBNA is committed to honoring nurses whose dedication and achievements have contributed to the nursing profession.
National Nurses Week is celebrated annually in May,with a known National Nurses Day, through out the first two weeks in May, the birthday of Florence Nightingale, the founder of modern nursing.
Though visiting our website, our hope hope is that you find information that will be beneficial and insightful.
If you are interested in visiting our group, please feel free to join us at any one of our general membership meetings.
See meeting location, time and dates, of all tentative scheduled meetings and agenda listed below.
Email Reginia Chapter membership application located in our membership corner.
Stay Tuned to Upcoming Community Events:
As a nurse, have you seen patients who have presented in the ER because of domestic violence?
The month of October has been designated as Domestic Violence Awareness Month.
To raise awareness, Sunday, October 27th is being set aside to bring awareness to this devastating epidemic.
2013 Minority Health African American Forum!
The African American Health committee meeting is scheduled: Tuesday, October 1,Time: 5:30pm. location: Johnnie Ruth Clarke Center.
2014 SPNBNA Nursing Scholarship!
2014 Annual Caregivers Conference!
We would like to extend an invite to you, or your organization to be a vendor at this years African American Health Forum.
To be a vendor it is free, if you want to sell anything it is 50.00. Everyone gets a table for set up and two chairs.
The Forum will be held this year on November 9, 2013. The AA Health Forum consists of a wellness walk, vendor and educational booths, over 15 different health screenings, physician and health care professional workshop, a healthy breakfast and lunch, and entertainment for the whole family.
Wellness Walk 7:30
Venders/Health Screenings 8am-10am
Physician & Health Care Professional Workshops 10am-12:30pm.
REOPEN Vendor/Health
Screenings/Lunch/Entertainment 12:30-3:00p
Johnnie Ruth Clarke Health Center 1344 22nd Street South St. Petersburg, FL 33712.
County: Pinellas View map. Phone:(727) 821-6701. Fax: (727) 824-8150.
Time: 8am-2pm, breaking for a free lunch.
Remember: This Forum will offer health screenings, entertainment, vendors, and lots of health education opportunities.
If you would like to participate please email "Charlie Colquitt" Charlie Colquitt, PharmD. CPh.He is one of the founding committee board members.
SPNBNA Initiated the First Community Health Forum: Which was a great success however, the cost was too expensive for our group to handle, and therefore we took our concerns to a group of Doctors for support.
Dr. Kenneth Bryant received the idea with open arms. He took it back to his group, where every thing became reality, now a community partnership with our Chapter:
Still going strong, after Some Eighteen years ago,it is hard to believe that we are still growing stronger.
What a Blessing to have Folks like Dr.Bryant and his Team.Including the St. Petersburg Chapter of The Links, Inc. step up and support, such a worth while community service.
Thank you Dr. Bryant for your community vision as well.
Anyone interested in making a contribution may contact:by email "Charlie Colquitt" He can provide you with all the particulars regarding Tax-Credit.ETC. By email "Charlie Colquitt" He is one of the founding committee board members.
Thanks again, and we look forward to seeing you at our November 9, 2013 Event.
Local Membership Application...
Other Scholarships... -
2014 NBNA Scholarship Program - National Black Nurses Association.
Please take advange of all scholarships.
Date: Event has been Scheduled for February 7, 2014.
Location: 6800 Sunshine Skyway Lane, St. Petersburg, FL 33711 (Formerly Holiday Inn SunSpree Resort St Petersburg - Marina Cove). Hotel amenities. Magnuson Hotel ...
Time: 7pm-11pm.
This award was established in 1989 by the Nurses of the St. Petersburg Chapter of National Black Nurses Association, to honor Ms. Marie Yopp,and Ethel Holmes.
The recipient must demonstrate respect and empathy for others, enthusiasm,and intellectual curiosity,and be perceived as articulate, conscientious,and tolerant.
Stay Tuned: Our 2014 recipients will be announced.
For more information: Email or call Janie Johnson using chapter information printed at the bottom of our website page.
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National Diabetes Support:
Our First Video!
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The St. Petersburg Chapter of the National Black Nurses Association, Inc.
SPNBNA) was founded in 1989.
The chapter became a chartered member of NBNA in 1991 in Little Rock, Arkansas.
The National Black Nurses Association, Inc.
Is a professional nursing organization, organized in 1971, under the leadership of Dr. Lauranne Sams, former Dean and Professor of Nursing, School of Nursing, Tuskegee University.
And today represents more than 150,000 African American registered nurses licensed vocational/practical nurses,nursing students and retired nurses.
From the USA, Eastern Caribbean and Africa, with 85 charted chapters,in 34 States. St. Petersburg Chapter is one of 85 chartered chapters nationwide.
The St. Petersburg Chapter BNA is a non-profit organization, committed to excellence in education and collaborates with private and public agencies/organizations that share common concerns for improving the health status of all people, particularly African Americans and other minorities.
The National Black Nurses Association currently has educational programs and preventional measures related to heart disease, HIV/AIDS, cancer, womens health, drug abuse, depression, and violence.
Being a member of the NBNA has many benefits, including: a subscription to NBNA News, a subscription to Journal of the National Black Nurses Association, a quarterly subscription to Minority Nurse, access to the NBNA Scholarship and Awards Program, continuing education programs, and inclusion in the national conferences.

The St. Petersburg Chapter BNA mission, under the National Association, is to provide a forum for collective action by African American nurses to investigate, define and determine the health care needs of African Americans and to implement change to make available to African Americans and other minorities health care commensurate with that of the larger society.
The St. Petersburg Chapter BNA is committed to excellence in education and conducts continuing education programs for nurses and allied health professionals throughout the year.
The Association provides annual scholarships and a mentoring program for student nurses.
No question asked here. Yes, many fields of nursing needed in order to get the entire job done.
You need to become a nurse and help us fulfill one of the many highly needed positions that are available.
Community nursing is indeed a filed not many people love to look at but it is a good industry to concentrate on for the future, in todays society!
As a group, Identify and educated suitable local nurses who wish to launch a health radio talk show for our community.
We are excited that you have visited our website again.
Our organization functions completely on the work of volunteers within our membership.
Our mission in this matter is nature to our group of nurses who take every opportunity needed to educate our nurses, and nursing students, with up to date health information.
We have to support the learning, knowledge, and professional development of,registered professional nurses,licened practical nurses,and mentor student nurses, to making a difference in health care at all levels, and through out the country.
We act as mentors to our new graduated nurses. In order to help them develop skills for community outreach events.
Please continue to join us on our web site:And Follow us on: Facebook & Twitter for our chapters regular updates.
In addition,our general meetings, where guests are always welcome, and light dinner will be served.
See meeting, dates, time, and location, listed on our site.
SPNBNA promotes volunteer education of nurses, and student nurses in health care, and the public in all aspects of caring and healing.
The efforts of our chapter resulted in the recognition of nursing as one of the most official nursing specialty by many neighborhood associations.
SPNBNA advances the profession of volunteer nursing by providing continuing education in the community.
Help to improve health care, in workplaces and throughout the community, educating the community and the public about the important of seeking health care and integrative health care.
As well as volunteering in the community, and have considered participating in the promotion of health research.
SPNBNA has taken positions on the various health practices of nursing ethics, research, and scholarship.
In addition, SPNBNA monitors and responds to government policy initiatives Regulation by the Food and Drug Administration.
As a resource to its members, SPNBNA provides a supportive community, informative News Bulletin Message,telephone calls,emails,and through word of mouth messages, shared by its members, with a true focus on self-care and wellness, among everyone.
SPNBNA is one of the only full-service professional organization representing nurses, and is at the forefront of policy relating to nursing and integrative health care.
SPNBNA recognizes the bond linking patient satisfaction and care nursing, as well as the connection between holist and career fulfillment.
SPNBNA and its volunteers team is working to Innovation legitimize holistic health care, and to help resolve the nursing shortage.
On March 23, 2010, President Barak Obama signed into law a federal statute, the Patient, Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA or ACA).
The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act contains nine titles, each addressing an essential component of reform:
Quality, affordable health care for all Americans
The role of public programs
Improving the quality and efficiency of health care
Prevention of chronic disease and improving public health
Health care workforce
Transparency and program integrity
Improving access to innovative medical therapies
Community living assistance services and supports
Revenue provisions
SHE WAS KNOWN AS: Lady with the Lamp; Flo
Florence Nightingale Biography:
Born to a comfortable family, Florence Nightingale was educated by governesses and then by her father, with her older sister, Parthenope.
She was familiar with the Greek and Latin classical languages, and modern languages of French, German, and Italian.
She also studied history, grammar, and philosophy. At twenty, she overcame parental objections to receive tutoring in mathematics.
Called to a Mission in Life: On February 7, 1837, Florence Nightingale heard, by her account, the voice of God telling her that she had a mission in life.
It took her some years of searching to identify that mission.
This was the first of four occasions where Florence Nightingale said she heard the voice of God.
By 1844, over parental objections, Florence Nightingale chose a different path than the social life and marriage expected of her by her parents -- she chose to work in nursing, which was then not quite a respectable profession for women.
Florence Nightingale went to Kaiserwerth in Prussia to experience a German training program for girls who would serve as nurses.
She worked briefly for a Sisters of Mercy hospital near Paris. Her views began to be respected.
In 1853, Florence Nightingale became the (unpaid) superintendent of London's Institution for the Care of Sick Gentlewomen.
Florence Nightingale in the Crimea:
When the Crimean War began, reports came back to England about terrible conditions for wounded and sick soldiers.
Florence Nightingale volunteered to go to Turkey, and at the urging of a family friend, then secretary of state at war, she took a large group of women as nurses.
Thirty-eight women, including 18 Anglican and Roman Catholic sisters, accompanied Florence Nightingale to the warfront.
As we continue to participate in our community as a Community Group. The community group should strive to provide leadership and support to all of its various members.
Taking into account the specific needs experienced community-wide and addressing them all with an interest of serving the whole, through serving its parts.
...Reminder... ...Reminder......Reminder...
Florida Board of Nursing State CE Requirements offers continuing nursing education courses on Domestic Violence, HIV/AIDS, and Preventing Medical Errors in online and print formats.
These courses meet Florida continuing education requirements for license renewal.
We are a proud partner of CE Broker and report completed courses automatically. CE Requirements for RNs: RNs are required to complete 24 hours of appropriate continuing education (CE) during each renewal period, including two (2) hours relating to prevention of medical errors.
In addition to these 24 hours of general CE, each RN must complete two (2) hours of domestic violence CE every third renewal for a total of 26 hours.
For initial licensure, RNs must complete one (1) hour of HIV/AIDS (one time requirement) and a two (2) hour course relating to prevention of medical errors.
New Requirement Beginning with the biennium ending in 2015, each licensee shall complete a two-hour course on the laws and rules that govern the practice of nursing in Florida.
This will be part of the total 24 hours, that are required each biennium.
Course Title Course ID Contact hours Media Type
Domestic Violence Advocacy Florida Update 60133 2.00 hrs
Florida Update HIV/AIDS in the New Millennium CE 234-60 1.00 hrs Preventing Medical Errors for Nurses Florida
Requirement 60033 2.00 hrs Continuing education courses listed in this FL State Required Courses category will help you to meet the requirements for RN and other healthcare professionals licensure and relicensure in Florida.

The St. Petersburg Chapter BNA addresses key health problems that disproportionately impact the quality of life for African-Americans, among them Heart/Cardiovascular Disease, HIV/AIDS, Cancer, Women's Health.
Drug/Substance Abuse, Violence Against Women, Community Research, and Clinical Depression.
The University of Central Florida is offering new advanced degree programs for RN's. Contact the school of nursing at 407-823-2744 or website
James Weldon Johnson Branch 1059 18th Ave. South St. Petersburg, FL 33705 727-893-7113.
St. Petersburg Chapter National Black Nurses Association Inc. generally meet the third Wednesday,of every third month, except for special call meetings.
Our tentative schedule for 2013 is: Jan, Feb, Mar 20,
Apr, May, Jun 17,
Jul, Aug, Sep 19,
Oct, Nov.20 Dec,
Start time: 5:30 P.M. Typical Meeting Agenda:
Ongoing Business: Public Comment
Actions to Review and Approve Previous Meeting Minutes
Holiday Activities forth coming!
...Stay Tuned...
2013 Health Observances by Month
Observances listed below...
health themes by month.
Observances to be used for your church bulletin boards this year.
And is based on the more extensive list found online.
Wishing your Health and Wellness Ministry much success.
To: All Education Coordinators, we wish you the best of luck in your ministries.
Month by month
Health Awareness Observances
Jan 1. Thyroid 2. Glaucoma
Feb 1. Heart 2.Cancer Prevention
Mar 1. Nutrition 2. Colon Cancer 3. Save Your Vision
Apr 1.Child Abuse 2.Autism
Apr 16- Health Care Decision Day
May 1. Mental Health 2.Asthma & Allergy 3.Arthritis
Jun 1.Mens Health 2.Scleroderma 3.Myasthenia Gravus
Jul 1.UV Safety 2.Juvenile Arthritis
Aug 1.Immunization 2.Psoriasis
Sep 1.Childhood Obesity 2.Prostate Cancer
Oct 1.Lung Cancer 2.COPD
Nov 1. Diabetes 2.National Family 3.Caregivers
Dec 1.Handwashing 2.Drunk 3.Drugged & Driving
Nurses The Heart of Healing!

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List All Special...
Recognitions: About Pinellas Planning Partnership The Pinellas Planning Partnership established June 2011 to facilitate collaboration between AIDS service organizations in Pinellas County. Overview The Pinellas Planning Partnership established June 2011 to facilitate collaboration between AIDS service organizations in Pinellas County. The Partnership established as an informal body, organizations join at will providing volunteers, and organizational support to accomplish the activities set by the Pinellas Planning Partnership.
2014 Nursing Scholarship Gala Celebration
Who: St. Petersburg Chapter National Black Nurses Association, Inc
What: Celebrating Its Eighteenth Nursing Scholarship Gala
Date: Friday February 7, 2014
Time: 7:00pm
Location: Holiday Inn Sun Spree Resort St. Petersburg-Marina Cove
6800 Sunshine Skyway Ln
St. Petersburg, FL 33711 Neighborhood:
South St. Petersburg - Edit (727) 867-1151
Visit Us by: Mail
Chapter Address: Journal Booklet P.O. Box 10674 St. Petersburg, Fl.33733
E-Mail Address: visits us on Face book
phone: 727-864-0528 fax: 727-552-1613
Stay Tuned to all upcoming EVENTS!
October Events:
Diabetes Management Class
Monday, Oct 14 at 5:30 PM - 6:30 PM.
Call Ms. Grovesnor at 727-327-0333, extension 15.
Diabetes Management Class
Monday, Oct 21 at 5:30 PM - 6:30 PM.
Call Ms. Grovesnor at 727-327-0333, extension 15.
Midtown Health Council
Meeting Monday, Oct 21 at 6:00 PM - 8:00 PM
Sanderlin Center 2335 22nd Avenue South, St. Petersburg, Fl 33712
Diabetes Management Class
Monday, Oct 28 at 5:30 PM - 6:30 PM.
For more information Call:
Ms.Grovesnor at 727-327-0333, Extension 15.

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Babcock Healthcare
July 25.2013
Contact Information
Babcock Healthcare Education Services (BHES)
Address 2620 5th Ave N
Saint Petersburg, FL, 33713
E-Mail com
CALL TODAY Phone:727-321-8002

The St. Petersburg Chapter of BNA has a history of extensive collaboration with:
Pinellas County Health Department
Bayfront Medical Center
St.Anthony Hospital
Pinellas County Urban League
American Cancer Association
American Heart Association
African Health Forum
Churches United for Healthy Congregations
Community Health Center of Pinellas,Inc.
Pinellas Technical Educational Centers
Fashion Scrubs St.Petersburg, Florida.
Sickle Cell Foundation
And other associations that advocate for the health and wellness of citizens.
The St. Petersburg Chapter BNA, collaborates with
St. Petersburg College
St. Petersburg Free Clinic
St. Petersburg Free Clinic is a multi-service, independent, not-for-profit human services agency providing our community neighbors assistance with food, shelter and health care.
The clinic have been caring for the underserved facing temporary emergency needs throughout Pinellas County since 1970.
local schools, and recreational centers to provide health fairs and screenings.
Representatives from St. Petersburg BNA also chair or sit on health committees throughout the community.
Collaborated with Pinellas County Health and HIV Testing by, A.S.A.P. of Suncoast Hospice
Faith Community Nursing
St.Petersburg Chapter Nurses conduct diabetes screenings/testing sponsored by Diabetes Charitable Organizations
We are preparing to celebrate the 15th Anniversary of the Minority Health Forum: November 2013.
We remain dedicated to the Founding partnership with the Minority Health Forum Council aka "African American Forum."
~Founding Partnership~
Grant Seeking
Urgent Need: Collaboration Supplies and equipment are essential for us to create the right atmosphere for our community volunteer services.
However, the most important part of our volunteering, please notice that our supplies come donated by grants, through business partners.
That help us provide the best in independent or memorable volunteer services.
We want to move a step up from old standard equipment, giving our participant not only quality services, and education, but a plain understanding of what is new and different in todays health field.
The only way we can do this is with your grant funding support.
Self-participation, which allow the client the opportunity to feel good about knowing how to ask certain questions, will also allow one to handle certain situations different, after speaking with one of the health volunteers.
This is the time and place where service is less expensive and more relaxing for clients, being screened in the community, where one can sit one on one, enfacing with the health care provider, that help to relieved some fears, and make the client more willing to ask health related questions.
That are not stupid which make the client feel good, more relaxed, when the health provider provide answers in different ways just to let them know that it is alright to ask questions at his or her level of understanding.
One might talk above the client level, but remember to answer questions at the clients level.
Let us remember that no answer is stupid the only stupid question is that one; that is not asked.
This means you can spend more quality time ,with the client related; some questions and answers, are based on the quality of one desire to take the time to be heard, and not feel threaten or embarrassed.
In addition to other important health related decisions, you make as a community volunteer.
You develop your on trust with community clients, by the service you provide.
Just a Reminder: We need to make sure, and be careful when mapping out the sort of equipment we need to have purchased for the best results when performing health screenings.
Some items are obvious (like projection equipment), while others are easy to forget and through away, but none should be an after thought (like crowd control materials).
Consider the following: equipment to fit our budget and for our audiences, supplies suitable for indoor and outdoor screening.
Our supplies and ,equipment must be designed for safety and crowd control.
To provide Grant support, please Contact us via E-MAIL.
We Look Forward to Your Continued Support.
Are you living with diabetes?
What are the challenges you face in managing the disease?
What wisdom can you share with others?
Please leave a comment below.
Our Community Diabetic Expert is.
Mrs. Regina Shears-McCloud.
She maybe contacted via
Expert Blog
Get Involved
Learn About Us
Contact Us
Our Health Goals remains unchanged and that is to make differents in the lives of others.
Using a slightly different Health Care Model.
Healthcare Transformation
Personal Transformation
Community Transformation
Stay Tuned to National Corner! Highlights...
FACEBOOK NBNA Career Center NBNA Scholarship Hurricane Address 2010 Highlights 2008-2009 Highlights Join NBNA Blog
 Special Recognitions

Congratulating all 2013 graduates: From Pre K To Higher
Mrs. Regina Shears-McCloud accepted into the ARNP(Masters) Program at The University of South Florida
Ms. Michele Green accepted at Central University of Florida for her advanced degree
Ms. Daphne Gardner completing her ARNP (Masters) program with Honors, September 11,2013
The 20 plus members of St. Petersburg Chapter of BNA remains true to our commitment, and that is to support and uplift the community as we address health issues in our community.
We hope you will follow our calendar and join us for all upcoming events.
Thanks for your much needed Prayers. Flowers, cards, breakfast, lunch and dinner meals. All meant so much to me!!!
My desire is that my love for each of you is felt in a special loving spiritual kind way, for the God I serve would not have it any other way.
I am Healing, but still weak, although I am getting stronger daily by God's Grace.
Still under Doctor's care experiencing Chemo Medication side effects. My mind is getting keener.
On the computer again for simple tasks only.
I am Grateful to God for all his Grace and Mercy.
Thank each and everyone for any acts of kindness:
Your visits, calls, cards, fruit, candy and various gifts.
Please know that my love for each and everyone means so much to me.
I am so humbled and honored to know and have friends like you over these last two plus years.
Thanks Again for: Emails, journalism skills, and help in any way; the list continues, and goes on.
Thankful that my experience, service, and vision has helped to make me a true bona fide contributor to and for this chapter over the years.
St Petersburg Chapter of National Black Nurses Assosiation
Emailing: NursesDayGroup2IMG_0305 Emailing: nhpic18
Kind Regards, Evelyn C. Gardner Web Site Media Services 2013
St. Pete Bar, Black Nurses Association, Stuart Society have events
Pictures from the event...

National Black Nurses Association president Debra Toney, center, stands with (from left) St. Petersburg City Council member Wengay Newton, St. Petersburg nurses chapter president Janie Johnson, chapter vice president Beverley Williamson and Pinellas County Commissioner Ken Welch at the groups last scholarship banquet.
The St. Petersburg Bar Association & Foundation presented its annual Liberty Bell award to Dr. Frederic Guerrier, a family practitioner and native of Haiti who has led several medical missions to his homeland and helped obtain medical treatment for Haitians in the United States.
D.Guerrier also volunteers with the St. Petersburg Free Clinic.
Each year, someone recieves the Liberty Bell award, is presented to a non lawyer for outstanding contributions to the community.
Debra Toney, president of the National Black Nurses Association, was the keynote speaker at the St. Petersburg chapter's 17th annual nursing scholarship banquet, held at the Hilton St. Petersburg Bayfront.
More than 120 guests attended the dinner, where scholarships were presented to Victoria Thompson, a registered nurse pursuing a bachelor of science in nursing degree at St. Petersburg College, and Oluyimika Emmanuel Adebowale, who is studying to be a licensed practical nurse at the Pinellas Technical Education Centers.
The awards are based on academic achievement and financial need.
We congratulate Tommie, Tommie Williams,one of the recipient for 2013. The Gathering of Women, Inc {X} Rewards:He is a true Humanitarian who participate in community events: He assist as our Chapter: Event Greeter, Health Promoter, Registration Intake Coordinator,and Upfront Station Setup Coordinator...
We congratulate Sandra Grosvenor, PhD, MHSA, RN Health Educator.
St. Petersburg Free Clinic For Changing lives with Help & Hope.
863 3rd Ave N, St. Petersburg, FL 33701.
(727)-821-1200 Ext. 125 Fax (727)-821-9263
Volunteer Congratulation goes out to: Ms. Catherine Crumbs,RNC,MSN,ARNP a dedicated Urban League volunteer, personifies volunteerism at its best.
She has provided unselfish volunteer service to the Nurses Tutoring Program for over twenty-seven (27) years, at the Pinellas County Urban League.
The city of St. Petersburg awarded Mrs. Alma Kicklighter,RN, MSN.the Community Senior Hall Of Fame Award.
For her HIV,AIDS community Volunteering.
Your nominated was an honor,and what a pleasure it is to Congratule you.
We know how you provides GETREAL unselfish HIV/AIDS volunteer screening services.
To the local community through Mobile and Stationary Services.
She is available for screening when needed.One may call Enoch D Davis Center to contact her. Be the first to call!
(727) 893-7134 1111 18th Ave S, Saint Petersburg, FL 33705.
The St. Petersburg Chapter BNA nurses provides health fairs and screenings throughout the year.
Plus gives financial aid to students who are experiencing economic hardship.
Evelyn C. Gardner, a co-founder of the St. Petersburg chapter, is its health policy liaison;
Janie Johnson is the chapter president.
2014 Go Red For Women Resources:
Get started on your Wear Red Day campaign here!
Spread the word about National.
Wear Red Day(Friday, Feb. 7, 2014) or any day you plan to host an event.
May 12th is Florence Nightingale's Birthday. Nurses Week celebrate is upcoming.Always remember "Nurses Call the SHOTS"
One may downloadable free,printable materials that will help you celebrate wear-red-day.

The St. Petersburg BNA has long recognized the racial disparities in health between African Americans and other segments of society.

BNA nurses are involved in all health priorities. We provide educational programs targeting African American audiences and others. Working with the Urban League and nursing students, the St. Petersburg Chapter BNA has provided health screenings through a mobile medical health unit, to churches, homeless shelters, housing complexes, and neighborhood family centers in the African American community.
The responsibility of having a strong knowledge of population-based public health nursing enables us to give back to the community. Experience with population (vs. individual care) - especially the target population and other vulnerable populations has been invaluable in our success.
The St. Petersburg Chapter BNA also has mentored International-Haitian students training in the health field at St.Petersburg College.
St. Petersburg Chapter BNA members are key professionals involved in the effort to reach African Americans and other populations at risk.
Those seeking Membership application, please contact Regina McCloud via
Taken from the National web site ( Home About Us Membership Events Gallery CONTACT National using: CHAPTER DIRECTORY. Copyright 2013 NBNA 8630 Fenton Street, Suite 330 Silver Spring, MD 20910-3803 TEL (301) 589-3200 FAX (301) 589-3223
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May 12, 2014 Dear NBNA Membership: National Nurses Week - May 6 - May 12, 2014 National Nurses Week 2014 "Nurses Leading the Way" Community nurse leaders are extraordinary and creative nurses. They are advocates for the constituents they serve. As advocates for quality care and their commitment to service, they make a difference in their communities and globally. MORE TO COME > STAY TUNED...

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